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The Last day in KC

Pitmaster Brad

Breakfast time was duck eggs in a hole with grilled onions and mushrooms with fresh greens from the garden. A nice cup of coffee with honey for sweetness. I had 3 things to do today, do some freelance, learn how to smoke a duck and photograph the hell out of the process. Happy to say it all got done and I have the images to prove it.

The duck we bought from The Local Pig @thelocalpigkc was about to get smoked. A homemade rub, secret known only to Brad, was prepared and pushed into the duck. Almonds and sausages were added to the bullet Weber grill. I photographed the whole process and still smell like it even now. 

This is the first time Brad or I have ever handled a duck let alone smoked one. This was such a treat for both of us for one it was us bonding over food and learning something new but we got to once just hang out, joke and make some delicious food. 

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