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Third day in KC

The day started out with plans to go mountain biking and finish off with a visit to @greeddirtfarms , Owner/Cheese maker Sara Hoffman was kind enough to reply and offer me a little time to come by and visit their farm. That morning though she had to cancel very sweet to let me know. Bummed but business matters come first, no matter, I still planned to have more of their cheese. My new favorite find in Kansas City. My buddy Brad and I went to River Market Cyclery to rent me bike and find a helmet for me to use. A quick oatmeal, some goji berries and a half cup of coffee was all I had for fuel. Probably not the best idea for what I had in store but then again this was going to my first mountain biking, baptism by fire. Chris at @rmcyclery a big help fitting me for a bike. Jasmine the bike shop dog was just the sweetest dog. A quick sniff and hello she went back to the register to rest.

We arrived at Swope Park Trails and fitted up. Brad lent me a small bag and I had my little camera in my pocket for capturing some imagery. Swope Park Trails was just a endless green. The humidity was low and perfect for a morning ride. Hopped on the bike and up and up we went.


"What the hell did I just get myself into?"


Rocks and branches and turns oh my. I barely started riding my bike in San Francisco, CA 3 months ago for work. City riding trained and not use to the elements outside of the streets. The only thing I'm used to getting in the way is a random homeless person or car door flinging open. But here I was instant mountain biking. I'm here so let's do it.

After few turns the sweat kicked in. Brad was flying up like he built the place and knew every crevice and bump. I took a few breaths, fixed my gears to fit the ascend and I was in business. 5 minutes and I was a natural or so I thought. I was shooting down and dogging narrow trail with my slightly used rented bike. I had my newly purchased water bottle sipping my warm plastic tasting water. I should be good right? As I just got the hang of it we were on our way back down the trail I mistook a rock and stumbled a bit but I got off the bike and corrected. Put my foot back on the pedal and was on my way when I hit another rock. I went side ways not very far down the side but jagged rocks met my leg and I just ate it. Legs up in the air I let out " Oh $@#!" and brad in the distance " Are you ok man?" I immediately grab my leg and I see where a pointy rock could have easily snapped my leg under the bike. Right on the shin score 1 for nature. The first thing that comes to my mind is " brad get a photo of this " that's how serious I am about capturing moments. Please see me humbled by this trail, that's the stuff of great journalism.

As we were riding we happened upon 2 tall and fairly slim brothers, Ethan and Dennis. We kept running into them. We would slow down and they would pass us. So i finally slowed down and introduced myself. I could handshakes later. We got to talking. Ethan the younger one had waist length hair, clean shaven face, narrow eyes and thin face,  baggy tshirt and PE like sweats. Dennis his older brother had a very cool mustache. also long hair in a pony tail with a fishing hat on. also very tall and fit. The brothers spoke in a very light almost foreign accent. " Where are you guys from? Brad asks. " We are from here" Etha says with a light chuckle after his answer. " I was wondering since you have an accent" Brad says. " Oh no , hmm hmm, this is our own personal accent." Quite the characters. I wanted to photograph them so bad but I didn't want to intrude on their nature hike. They were like Avatar and Napoleon Dymanite rolled into one. 

Back at the bottom, covered in sweat I felt pretty damn accomplished. I did it and only a minor altercation with a rock. I am hungry, a great rumble came over me. I used up whatever energy I had on the bike ride and it was time for some food.



The Farmhouse @TheFarmhouseKC

Brad had been talking about this place since I got here and now was the time to grub and photograph some fine food. Great layout and a very eclectic outdoor setting; I felt at home. The weather was perfect and too good to not sit outside. Red chard and other greens were in surrounding planters. This place was all about showcasing some veg on and off the plate.  Margot was our server, happy to answer any questions and she was totally rock n roll which I loved. We ordered the special Crispy Proscuitto and goat cheese micro greens salad and a lemongrass lemonade,  Chioggia beet salad, deviled egg app and the Cheese Trio plate. Featuring @greendirtfarms of course. After a few loud bangs of the construction and a heckling middle finger sharing english homeless guy, our food came out. I could not believe how beautiful and colorful the plating looked. Farm fresh and aromatic. Brad dug in right away after I shot his food for a quick snap.  But knowing me I had to bring out my equipment and just dive into and capture some food porn. Wide shots and close ups, Brad was half way done. I set my camera down and gave in to lunch. Thank you Margot and The Farmhouse.

Local Pig @thelocalpigkc

Brad mentioned this butcher shop that had it all in the East Bottoms, they rwere doing some great things and we needed to check it out. Sure enough we pull up and I'm already in love. I can't possibly mention all that I was but they had varieties of sausage, spices and other items. Pretty damn friendly and accommodating when I asked if i could shoot some photos. Again I am feeling welcomed here, Everything I saw brought out a " let's get this, oh we have to get that"  and there we were at the register

Whole duck, chamomile apple butter, habanero hot sauce, Chorizo Verde with almonds and Chorizo Rojo and just for kicks a half dozen duck eggs.

I got a bit crazy sometimes with food. Thank you Katherine and the friendly staff at Local Pig.

A few bites at Christopher Elbow @elbowchocolates and a quick stop into the Bad Seed Farmers Market my day was done. We had dinner at Louie's Wine Dive @LouiesWineDive and went out on the town. We had the Lobster Poutine, Pig stix and all with a Fume Blanc. Chris our server was a character and made the meal that more worth it. After a long day we are all being silly. He played right along with our antics. 

Thank you Chris and Louie's Wine Dive. cool spot.

3rd day, done.