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Out on the town

Late night Jazz and rich history

After a lazy day of photography, freelance work and resting at Brad's house. It was time to get ready for a night of jazz in Kansas City. #kansascity . After getting my camera equipment packed up and testing out my compact LED panel. We headed out. First stop The Phoenix, next to Brad's job. No jazz thee but a cool spot Brad wanted me to check out. After one cocktail and some live music we were off to The Blue Room in the heart of the " ......" jazz district attached to the jazz museum. A nice set was just ending with a couple guest players. One young guy in particular, Houston , was welcomed on stage to play. As the last playful rendition of " My Funny Valentine" we took a short couple block walk over to The Foundation. A popular, historical and legendary site for Kansas City Jazz. Full of rich memories and walls covered in historical photos of the site and many ego hsve passed through here. 

As we walked up to the glowing red sign over looking this small yet Importabt place. I felt so welcomed by all who were outsude waiting to get in. A few players were just arriving as we say on steps. Photographing and joking around it was finally 1 a.m. Doors open and Rashonda pops out to let us know we can come in. Rashonda is this delightful young lady full of knowledge and hospitality. I just soaked up what she has to say. Prohibition, how musicians union was started and how unique it is for them to have a 'drink til 5am' policy unique to only The Foundation. Big smile thoughout our conversation I thanked her as she was happy to me photograph her. I headed upstairs to meet Brad, a cool dark stairway let out to a few spread out tables and chairs. An ensemble was already playing. Camera out, ears and heart open, it was jazz time. I paused a few times taking a moment to look around this eclectic hallowed room. The drummer set the pace the Sax playfully and passionately grooved, the bass and keyboard danced as the trumpet cut through and sang out. Set after set each player had their time to showcase, sweat abs push their own boundries. All I can think abiut was if I just kept playing my a trombone I would be welcomed on stage. Again I look around as capture the dimly lit stage. It was late and what I had just taken it I keep.  We head out and I thank Rashonda one last time. Surrounded by people coming in. It was 2:30 a.m. And the place barely started to get packed. They will have gone til 5 a.m. playing their hearts out. Kansas City Jazz and the venues where it played all these many years is very alive and cherished by the locals. They all come to see it and stay up til 5 in the morning to get some. 

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