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First day in KC

Arriving in Kansas City, it was great to see my buddy Brad again. We went right from the Airport to Arthur Bryants BBQ place The Original on 1727 Brooklyn Avenue. #arthurbryants. You can just tell the smoker and the people were way into what they were doing. Polite and ready to please. " I'mma take care of you with a smile" after we ordered. I had a Pork Short End order of Ribs, Baked beans, Cole Slaw and Red Cream Soda, which tastes like bubble gum. I loved it. Brad and I sat in a cubby hole area. i did some photos of the food and then it was chow time. 

The ribs has a caramelized almost jerky quality on the burned ends but the Pork just fell off the bone; clean off.  

After this we went to drop off my stuff, bought a watermelon and kicked back for a few minutes before  heading out. We met up with some of Brad's colleagues and buddies. Had a few laughs and a couple god drinks at the ALE HOUSE #alehouse. I had a Moscow Mule, substituted Tequila and had more of a Mexican Mule and with the ginger beer it was pretty good. Now when I say this we good, it was. I ordered another and and this time for Brad since he had a sip and dug it as well. The waitress was a bit late on it or the bartender was backed up opening cans of beer for a big party full of cute all girls baseball leaguers. Either way it took forever. Finally it gets to us and POW, it tasted just like..........Ginger Beer, sugary mess. We asked to have the bartender take another stab at it. this time actually put some tequila in it like the first one. Make me the first the one you made. Second round. POW.....ginger beer, sugary mess. At this point i'm not into it. We settled up and the waitress was so kind to take of the attempted cocktails.

Now to the next place. Brad mentions a place, a speak easy of sorts and we shuttle off to that spot. I have no idea what I'm in for, not one bit.


Arriving at The Rieger Hotel Bar and Exchange. @TheRieger I thought we were going to have a quick bite and head down to this soak easy place Brad mentioned. Well we walk in and the aroma of food which the kitchen was firing up took me over. We walk right to the back of the joint and sit by the bar/chef’s table. Brad knew exactly what i was looking for. A clear view of what the chef was cooking. completely felt at home. Greeted perfectly and the menu just popped of the page. We had a small 4oz pork soup consommé with cheese, it was almost like a latin french onion soup hold the french. We also had an asparagus soup topped with a creme fraiche. As my eyes bolted all over the place I was recommended a Muscadet to start. Spot on, crisp and just perfect for what i was about to taste. a Polenta Verde with Spinach and Green Dirt Farm Sheep’s Milk and cheese. We also Had a Smoke Trout Salad with a chilled soft boiled egg salad. Small big flavor bites were on order and it got me in a happy making sounds as a I ate mood. Finished with a buttermilk Panna cotta and we were ready.


Usually that would be it. But the main event was about to happen. Again very humble, informative and pleasant greetings from the Mixologist Master Tex at Manifesto @ManifestoKC. With a Green Chartreuse tattoo on his right forearm. After scanning the menu under candle light and hearing Tex explain the menu. Brad and dove in. I ordered the ‘ Winter in Buenos Aires” Cachaca with cinnamon, honey, lemon and Roasted Butternut squash. GET OUT OF HERE! I’m having that. It rocked my world. A Green Chartreuse cocktail and we were done for the night. Done and done. Next day Watch Party for USA vs Germany at the Kansas City Power & Light District. Hot electric and full of short shorts. the Daisy dukes are back in full force. Who knew?