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Took my #uber to #sfo and I'm now at #united waiting for boarding. Headphones on and chilling to #moby #waitforme finally on my way. Poor mother with 2 rambunctious boys and a baby strapped to her is what stands out to me right now. As I see one separated behind a giant luggage I have this almost cinematic music video moment. Beautiful music relaxing me as this about 3-4 yr old wails away. Fellow airport travelers looking on. I feel compassion for the obviously tired mother. Big props to moms.

My food today consisted of one banana and 2 attempts to find me a gluten free breakfast. There it is there's the sign. Gluten free and juices to wash it down. I walk up to kiosk and I ask " what do you have that is gluten free", pointing to the sign. " we have yogurt and um yeah we have smoothies and yogurt." I about laughed and gave my GF knowledge. But it's 7am and this homeboy does not need to educate at an airport terminal. As I walk away I hear one ask the other " what's gluten?" That never gets old. 

Boarding soon to Kansas City, Missouri. Looking forward to the movies I downloaded to my laptop. I feel so planned and prepared. Not me at all.  

Alan Schrieber and Evy from United flight. 

Alan Schrieber and Evy from United flight.

Boarding the plane I was confronted with the situation that my bag would not fit on the plane. All my camera equipment was in jeopardy. Looking to switch with someone I was about to give up my seat  but I finally arranged for my bag to be placed in a seat next to a guy sitting next to this family. I lucked out not once but twice. My seat was next to Alan, the owner of Shreiber and Son’s and I also was chatting with a lovely lady Evy who both of them really connected being and living in the same areas. She was asking about about my bag so I mentioned briefly of my trip. She was way into it and we struck up a conversation so easily and friendly. Mentioning where I was going she asked Alan next to me if he knew of places in Kansas City. This is where it got interesting and turned into a complete gem of a conversation. We bounced about briefly on towns and culture in certain areas, brief politics and religion but Alan says jokingly " If you wanna talk about food, I can talk to you about food ” I was wide eyed and my mind lit up.  “This is too unreal”,  thought to myself, Alan goes on about how he grows just about everything. He mentioned 6 kinds of this , 5 kinds of that. He is part of a CSA, he sells wholesale and loves the farmer;s market. He went into details about all sorts of cabbages and how he has a diversified crop. Growing up there were soy beans and corn, doing chores and living the farm life. Gazing at seed catalogues as a young kid. Snuggled up to an outside oven with a blanket dreaming about all the others crops he could grow.

This amazing guy just got my attention and made my trip seem all that more perfect. I lucked out and hope to keep in touch. This trip is about meeting people and hearing about their stories.

Alan Schreiber

june 25, 2014, 9:50 am

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