The Holiday Train Trip

Day 7 - Christmas is here

BING BONG BING BONG, the day is finally here and what do the sisters decide to do...a face mask. A big grinchy green mask that smelled like Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. After much protest from me, a dry face, hair and throat character laying in bed trying to push it til I had to really get up. Fine, fine I get up and I guess I will joint this moment for a snap. MEssy hair and really feeling the travel on me Katy perfects our 3 sibling selfie. Time for showers, I go last of course and try to iron my shirt as best I can. I no longer can fit into my Christmas pants I used to wear over 10 years, so I have my next best thing that I bought. Big ol'orange #dockers that will look ridiculous enough for me to wear on this holiday. Perfectly pressed but really as best as I can do we all pack up and head only 10 minutes to the house where Pop is already on the grill doing his prep. I hoped he would wait and ask " did you already start the waffles ?" In an anxious voice " come on duke. I waited" I am clearly trying to catch all the minutes with Pop in the kites not. the girls all grab their mimosas and talk over Christmas music. My puts me to work immediately. He had already cored out the acorn squashes and prepped the filling that is to go in the mushrooms. I request a big enough bowl and I read off the ingredients at our dad's request. 2 cups of flour, he measures and dumps it into the bowl, 2 tablespoons of cinnamon, he shakes it on heavily as we both like it. We crack the newly bought eggs and use some goat milk and melted goat butter to round out the batter. All ready to fo the waffle iron is hot and ready to get our #glutenfree Belgian waffles cooked. The sisters Karns have by now unwrapped the cheese and made a cute Charcuterie with the fig jam and some gluten rich and gluten free crackers. I am craving a hot cup of Egg nog but without time and limited energy from Dad I settle for Almond Egg Nog, more of an Egg Not! Dad has still got it. Busting it out of the kitchen working with my help on 4 courses, tasting plates and I heat up my #glutenfree cinnamon rolls that we every one could not get enough off. Coffee is poured and Pop sits in his chair as we all eat our sausage, baked rainbow potatoes and carrots. We are enjoying this Christmas breakfast as we have never ever done this before. They bought us gifts and as much as I said  " do not buy me anything " I am pleasantly happy to open a gift on Christmas Day. As old as I am, a gift wrapped something to open on Christmas morning always melts the numbness off a Grinch.

We watch " It's a Wonderful Life, hand colored version.  Dad says that TODD KARNS who plays the little brother as an older version is a distant cousin in the Karns family. I am not sure but wouldn't that be cool. We also huddle around the compact DVD player and in & out we watch it. Every time I see this movie it always gets me. and wouldn't you know it gets my Pops water works going as well. We are suckers for this romantic stuff. My Pop and myself bond over the off things. Not sports and drinking but food and conversation. He loves to talk and joke as do I.

Cleaning up and packing away our stuff for the trip our sister Meghan heads out to her boyfriends, we try to get a couple group photos of 3 of us and Pop. After a few tries we get so we gems to make it official. A few hugs goodbye and Meghan sets off as we begin to pack up the rest of our things. Lee Rae and Our Pop drive to Union Staion In Denver and immediately our bag falls out of the back. Apples tumble and we leave one nice green apple sitting small alone in the wet chilly street. We hug and wish each other well a couple photos and Katy and I head in for our train. We have a couple hours to settle in but head to the Bar to get something warm and relax in a very cool redone Terminal. This place is so Christmasy it is almost sickening. Happy people all around, everyone is in a conversation with their cocktails. This is more of a social scene then a Train Terminal. I have a couple Hot Totties and my sister a couple glasses of Pinot Noir. A very chique bar it was almost no pain to wait and chat with my sister. A couple announcements were made for Chicago Overnight train and we make our way out the door as the show begins to fall. A light dusting on the train platform we get in line. My sister ask a nice couple in front of us for a quick snap as we are all selfied out and they accommodate us. Very cheerful and happy to help out. We ask the Amtrak Ticket taker to Photobomb us and he does a swell job of the peek in look. Walking up the side of the train we jump into car 610. Bags placed above there are many seats open. Nice and comfortable we start to watch "A Very Murray Christmas" on #netflix to pass the time. Very entertaining I'm happy recognize David Johansan aka Buster Poindexter from the New York Dolls in the special as the bartender. Scratchy sounding as ever he rocks out "Fairytale in Ne York " from The Poguers. Getting later as the sounds of people fall away and the train silence starts us to yawn Katy hops over the aisle to grab her two seats and crash and in no time my sister is toast. Blankets given to us by our Pop and Lee Rae we needed them to warm us up. I finish the Bill Murray Christmas Special on my own and soon enough I am in dream land. My first overnight train has begun. 

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