The Holiday Train Trip

Day 5 & 6 - Colorado Christmas with Pop

Having our train delayed we barely got some sleep so we were already a mess when we got in at 10:15pm to Denver Union Station. Our Sister Meghan patiently waiting for us. We missed dinner with Pop and we also missed a reservation at our back up Place to eat. Most places were not open so we searched and popped in to a couple places. Settling on a Bar that sold food we decided on that as we needed a drink to take us down a couple notches. The sister Karns got a Red wine duo and I got a Mexican Mule. Something to shock me out of train body and mind. Each of order something off as Meghan is vegetarian she was limited as was with the whole #glutenfree deal. After a toast and some catching up on Pop and his health we scarfed down our food and caught up some more. We wanted one more drink to at least enjoy a night out before the Christmas time at the house. We went to Sputnik where they had a photobooth and the bartender had a Morrissey ugly Christmas sweater with MEAT IS MURDER from THE SMITHS ALBUM. I had to share it with my friend Jorge on #facebook as he is the one to turn me onto The Smiths back in art school. I feel lucky to have had a music education by many close friends. Learning new music has taken me to emotional places R&B and Hip Hop never could. The sisters Karns ordered something Moscow muleish so we all had the same thing, I was still a tiny bit hungry so I ordered a Taco plate with a Jack Fruit option. Almost like an artichoke /. Pulled pork texture. It was said by the spirited waitress that is has a good deal of protein. Being an animal always trying new things I gave it a go. Boy was it a spicy lil taco. Breathing erratically I was taken a back how that lil sucker had some bite. We tried to do a photobooth photo but it did not come out as it shot only our mouths.

Meghan ordered an #uber as we grabbed our bag pile we had stuffed so tightly in the booth and pranced out in the snowy slushy ground to the #uber Suv. Feeling my head heavy, I observed my sisters chatting and we were on our way to Megan's apartment. I got a couple blankets and my sisters crashed in the same bed. I passed out immediately. Not sleeping on the train all that much I had no chance. I guess I snored like insane levels cause when I got up in the morning They were more than happy to point that out. Yikes Face ip on a couch with no sleep I'd say that is a perfect recipe for stadium concert sound snores.

All ready and packed up we drove in my sister VW Bug to see our Pop and Meghan's mom Lee Rae.  Now if you are wondering why there are so many mom's in this tale. Well I will say briefly it was our Dad who is the connecting factor. My mom Vilma, Katy's mom Michelle, who just passed away 2 years ago, may she rest in peace. And Lee Rae. All half siblings. We are the #othermothersiblings. All connected finally after years of not knowing this day is pretty important as we have lol not had a holiday together. We are stitching our Christmas together piece by piece. 

Arrived at our Pop's he is there waiting for us as Lee Rae is still at work. We agree to go shopping for meals for the next couple days. We think we are shopping for a late brunch this berry day but it turns out Pop and I get carried away when we are left to the market's wonders. My sisters couldn't care less but Pop and I we lose our minds when building a meal on the spot. This one of my favorite things to do with him besides cooking it. We grab some onions, mushrooms, acorn squashes. We end up buying one medallion of Filet mignon. He means to make a carpaccio with it but guess what, he does not make it. Great ideas no follow through. Noted as a thing I try to not mirror from my Pop. Don't over promise and try to do what you said you would. Chee, Crackers, Goat's milk, some breakfast sausages. Rainbow carrots, endive and some #glutenfree cinnamon rolls. It's the holidays cheat a little I say.

Realzing that time had gotten away from us and caught up in shopping for food. We all realize we need to eat now and not wait. Whole foods had a small diner inside of it. I ordered a buffalo burger on #glutenfree bun and I destroyed it. Dad a melted tuna sandwich, Katy and salmon sandwich and Meghan the ever popular Grileled Cheese sandwich. I don't hear word of conversation. Only the sounds of me taking down this Buffalo Burger. " out of my way " mentality. No one is getting between me and this needed meal. We have eaten well on some occasion but most of it has been the bad food of #amtrak. Sorry but true, worst meals and product in all. So like I said this burger as simple as it sounds was basically THE BEST BURGER I HAVE EVER HAD. Over the top you say? Well you travel on a train and eat minimal nutrition and you see how you treat that burger. Hey baby is right.   

After we all have our moments with lunch we head back to the house to chill before we have to go out later for Church. It being Christmas Eve Pop wants us to see his multi faith non pressury church. Back at the house we put all of the food away and have some cheese and crackers while we catch up with Pop. Been a few years in person so we try to all just be happy to be in the same room on a holiday. Rushing out we make it to a the church before it gets packed. Very pleasant and Christmasy my sister and I feel like we will break out in a rash entering a church. But this being for Pop we suck it up to be part of this for him. Amazing singing and lots of concert like organization. The candle ceremony was pretty epic. I had to whip out the camera for a quick snap and as inappropriate as it sounds I needed this one. On our way back Lee Rae and Pop get a hotel room for all 3 siblings to stay hear by just in case it snows but so we can come back early on Christmas Day. As soon as we get in Pop and start on a quick dinner. We grab the filet mignon and all the veggies and we make two meals, one for Meghn Dad just brings out the almonds, mushrooms and carrots. Whips up the best looking meal for her and then we begin on the Filet. I gotta tell you being next to him I chopping and he taking over the grill seem like old times. Always have been able to cook with my Pop and nothing needed to be said. Reminds me of doing catering jobs and the farmers markets cooking side by side creating menus. I had to take a couple photos. Its good to see him up and around and laughing again. I can see he is enjoying this and he tells me so. We are two emotional expressive men we gotta just share how we feel.

Settling in at the house we talk and laugh and catch up with Pop. All 5 of us stitching this moment together. All circled in the living room by the Christmas Tree.  Dad in his rocking chair covered in blanket, Lee Rae on a chair next to him and Meghan, myself and Katy lined up on the couch in order. It really is good to see him laugh again in person. Katy had a ball just talking about her stories and Pop joined in remembering it all. I was happy to bask in the family glow. Needed some sort of family familiarity to bring me into the cheer. After a few laughs we 3 head out to the hotel and drink the rest of the wine. I have one sip and prefer two bottle of water, I am done as the TV is on and The Christmas Story is headed to it's 100th time playing on it's all day marathon. Christmas Morning is only hours away and no chimney for ol' Saint Nick to arrive in. We are on the odd side of Christmas but doing our best with what we have. 

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