The Holiday Train Trip

Day 3 - Food and Comedy

Waking up I feel that Christmas tickle. I glance over and sun is rising at 6:30am as my eyes unblur  I see a golden sunrise with very holiday......Palm Trees. Yes Palm Trees I say that tickle is now gone and I am back on earth. Desert living is not for me. Dry and biting cold.  I drop out of bed from the high mattress and check my #toms for scorpions. Yes that is something we do every time we take out shoes off and never thinking about the last time I was here I am now on fear factor making sure I don't need a bite and render this trip done. I shake the shoe and " jackpot" nothing. I'll take that winning over the slots any day. My mother is of course up and bright eyed already starting on the food and prep for tonight's dinner. I gotta get my vitamin power punch fizzy fix and some supplements to get me back to a fighting chance of waking up. I'm way off and I feeling it. " Good god!" I see myself in the mirror, "you are a wreck dude." I slowly drag myself to the kitchen and grab banana. Somewhat nourished I see if I can get some writing done. Some Dandelion tea brewing but also pour a mini cup of coffee to dip some St. Lucia bread my mom made for me, yes you guessed it, #glutenfree. Håkan has made his way down and click on the boob tube, the sudden blast of some political news right there on the 60 inch flatscreen. Finishing my blog entry of the previous day I am happy to know I am trying to keep on top of it before it gets way from me and not fresh. I dunk my St Lucia bread, soft and ready with raisins, a Swedish traditional treat. I am happy to have it in it's healthy form.

My sister has now arisen and made her presence known, she managed to find an open mic and we make plans to make it happen. After much pleading from my mother to start on the food for her. I end up in the kitchen and get into my zone of cooking. It immediately puts me in a zen mood and mixing and recipe reading begins. Håkan is making his Swedish festive food and my mom starting on the turkey for later. After some notes for her show tonight my sister is coerced into the kitchen by my mother to help with a dish, I make a #glutenfree nut crust and set to chill. I and my sister bang out the cranberry sauce and set it to boil. Big pot, bright red, looking yummy even with all that sugar required by the recipe. Katy and I gather spices and start to have a good time with it. Cooking together as chore feeling it has turned into a moment and a point of enjoyment now. We add the Pumpkin purée and spices but we add some Cardmamom to heighten that extra hidden flare. Plus we hate following instructions.  

Baking some ginger cookies is next and they only take a few minutes so I start right away. A quick blend with flour everywhere, Håkan asks us if we would like a beer or wine. He bought me a Green's Dark Ale and it is going well with the baking. Skol! Shaping and making out cookies into balls. We decide to make them like nuggets thinking they would be soft baked cookies. Well rock and pebbles later. I am still eating them dreading to know my dentist doesn't see the crunching damage. As we were making the ball formed ginger batter. My sister and I get funny so and well bored so she forms a penis cookie. It is the highlight and giggle worthy of our now afternoon, We hope someone picks it up and is shocked. After baked and pulled out the tasty and glorious rock cookies my mom wanders over very proud that we baked and is caught up in the moment. " Oh are these you're cookies you made? Oh is that a dog bone?" My eyes bug out my breath slows and I don't answer for fear to give it away. " Oh no it's a Peter. " I die laughing.  My mom taking it back to 70's in my childhood. Not penis, not Weinberg, or pee pee, she goes with Peter. Thank you mom for that laugh. Telling it to my sister and Håkan we all got the laughs it will live on and my mom could not stop about how it surprised her. I like funny.

Food almost done, I made Cauliflowerm purée with goat milk and goat butter with chicken stock. Also a goat cheese polenta. It was delicious if I say so myself even with the all goat ingredients. I can't help it is damn good and healthy for ya if you can't drink the cow stuff. My mother's guests arrived and my sister goes into conversation mode. What I love about her is that I don't need to wait on her or worry. She can make anyone laugh and talk to them about anything. All people my mom's age and older, Katy has them in stitches. Very proud big bother. Håkan had made some fresh Gravalax with some mustard sauce. We needed some food and apps so with his food genius and careful eye he plated and served it up for the guests. A hit of course was I really surprised? No. 

A few drinks and dessert we manage to get the guests off, fed and we head out to the Hard Hat bar in downtown #lasvegas. My mother agrees to go and Håkan is completely happy to drive us and join in on the fun. Happy to go see my sister do her comedy. She worked on her set all day has her notes and we all go as a group.  One of the guests son's stays and agreed to join us to see what my sister can do on stage. This night is turning out to be a different one changing it up is always a good thing. Arriving at the Hard Hat we go inside and it is not too empty but the bartender gal welcomes us and Katy asks for sign in list. My mom all cute and delicate orders a water and Håkan you guessed it a #stellaartois. We soak in the mood and cannot believe we made it on time. More people arrive and it is their potluck holiday party complete with spaghetti, hot dogs and chili. I was diggin' it. The locals and talent all friendly were happy to have us and my sister visiting. Dive bar on the outside but all hometown friendly people on the inside. 

All the comics are there and are close knit crowd. Giving it to their fellow funny friends. After a hilarious opener form the host, quick and lighteningfast wit. A couple people go and then my sister is up. I break out my new #canonmarkIII5d seeing if this baby is all they say it is and begin to film from the side corner. Katy is on fire. Not one ounce of shyness, my mom beaming with laughter and smiling. Håkan and her are seated and totally into what Katy is serving up. She is getting her groove in this comedy thing and yes I am pretty proud but I want to see her more often. This is a treat cause I get to film her and she can use it for their career purposes. A few comics into it we are ready to go. The host asks my sister if she is here tomorrow and would like to do a show. Katy is happy to have gone there on a whim with my mom and Håkan in tow but to get asked back is an honor. She declines as we leave tomorrow for Utah via the Greyhound bus line. Dreading it we know we gotta hit the hay. 12 midnight we pack up and pass out. Tomorrow a long day ahead hoping it is not like the first taste of travel we had.

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