The Holiday Train Trip

The day before...

Train heads out of the station at 7am tomorrow morning. My day today consists of getting my design work done as well as packing for the trip. My buddy Rafael will help me gather my gear and see if it all fits in the limited luggage size I purchased trying to follow #amtrak luggage policy.

A quiet overcast morning, a christmas tree staring me in the face and not a sound outside. Is this holiday already here? So busy with life and work it is easy to block out the holiday cheer and the Star Wars mania. This trip is all I have on my mind making sure I don't miss anything; leaving me frozen toed in the middle of America. Only thing right now is to drink my dandelion tea and have my #glutenfree coffee cake from @mariposabaking. plug! 

Off I go to finish my work, pack and head off to my sister's tonight. I believe she will be doing her stand up comedy somewhere. Early to rise come tomorrow morning. 

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