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2nd Day in Ohio

Farmer's Market Day

The day started out with my waking up at Aunt Laurie’s and a nice cup of coffee, Yogurt with Falx meal and some Orange juice. We talked about the past in her life, family and mine as well. Parenting and how tough and also how fun it was for my aunt , dad and other as kids. Leanring about the dynamic and personalities off my dad and all the his siblings. My Pop was the very creatively out there one. I think I contracted that disease as well. Bill was the golden child, hard worker and always took care of the family. Carla was the tough and always playing with the boys. Getting into fights. She is a sweetheart though. Laurie was the quiet one as she told me and helped to take care of Doug when he was young. Doug is the rooting tooting wild funny one. He is a kick I can tell you that still. Funny all the time always with a story in hand to tell. In fact my whole family is funny, witty and just full of humor and love to give. I feel at home.


We finished off 1 hour breakfast with a few laughs and Aunt Carla came over to have her cup of coffee and daily chat with Aunt Laurie as she does for sisterly advice. Aunt Carla is a hard worker who can spin a story and which i think comes from the family but also makes her a marketing genius. We sit on the front porch and talk about the JC growers biz and next steps that would help it grow and we were off to get ready for the Farmer’s Market. Today she was making and selling Scapes Garlic Pesto, Mom’s awesome Chip Dip, Scapes Garlic Spread and Scapes Minced. Also Scapes Galric Green Beans. Which are just Scapes cut into green bean size that are so good just quickly cooked with some oil or butted some salt and pepper on a skillet to boil. However you like. Better tasting than green beans.

As Aunt Carla was making the products for the Market i was photographing the process of course and Instagramming, twittering and tasting the whole way through. We chatted about and I had a quick chat with my Pop over the phone. Of course a few laughs were had. He is a joker for sure.

As it grew near to leave I was just about to start to watch the USA vs Belgium game as I did another entry and sure enough we had to leave. We all know that turned out. Good fight boys #ussoccer #worldcup

Getting the Farmer’s Market we pull up and it is just a scorching humid day. Every one was setting up and I gave a bumbling hand to Aunt Carla. She had it all under control, her process was down and I gave maybe 20 % help in the set up. It went fast with two I guess but usually she will do it alone. Almost immediately I set out and started to introduce myself to all the ladies of the Mechanicsburg Farmer;s and Artisans Market. Right in front of a feed and hardware store. First Person I met was Cynthia Taylor. Just a beam of light this lady. So happy to see me and heard lots of things about me, “ all bad” she jokes. I cruise just behind her and met Cindy who makes pies and jams. I wish I could just eat one but being gluten free I just admire. I ask her if i can takr a photo of her and her products. I do and i send one to her via #facebook I met another Cindy if you can believe that, she makes cookie and is also a part time Portait photographer. her baking business is call Nu-Tradition Baking Goods. Home made cookies that shine from the cookie jars she had displayed out on the table. I walk around meeting others, a couple amish bakers that are ok with me shooting their photos. Their baked goods just looks so good frosted and freshly baked. 

Right next to our #JCGrowers table is Shirley Connolly, she owns and produces Pure Ohio Maple Syrup. There is a about a 6-7 weeks tapping out of the whole year and it takes about 50 gallons of Maple sap to make one gallon from her 50 acre land. Shirley and her husband run the farm. She was so nice and welcoming to me as well. I learned more than I knew about the production, seasonal change and hard work it takes to get one bottle of Maple syrup. I do love it and pay for it when I can. Down with Mrs Buttersworth!

I also meet Luann of Everyday Wellness with her granola and her info on her new services yoga and massage so sweet and we exchanged info and how to get all social media educated. Another triply lady is Cosmic Charlie and her baked bread. Dressed in her hippy clothing. A delightful woman as soon as I walk up. I find out she has cornered the market with her vegan bread and has her marketing down. In most restaurants and now has a brick and mortar bakery. She lived in San Francisco on Powell St in the 70’s-’80’s in her 20’s for sure she lived it up in the Bay Area. Back in Ohio she is bringing some of that crunchy hippy love and people are buying it up. Good for her, a bubbly lady she is all smiles and also very happy to have me there. I pop a few #instragrams of everyone and the Market time comes to an end.

We stop by Cynthia’s and go see her Peacocks on her little Sanctuary, full of cats she is fostering for, chickens and peacocks. A big white one, a little white offspring and 2 other gorgeous green multi colored ones. I photograph and we head back in for some @Buzzballz, tiny power margaritas with a kick. The rain just sheets down at this point so we stay in and talk about everything under the moon. The humidity and heat just sitting on us. A unexpected great time. Cynthia has won my heart. I photograph her and Aunt Carla and I are off driving the large green fields of Ohio farmland. It was a long perfect day and I can see my exhausted Aunt ready to hit the sack. Wish I knew a way to increase her revenue and lower her work time. Free labor in way of interns and college kids ready to apprentice and learn about farming maybe. We’ll see.

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