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5th day in Idaho

Treasure in Idaho Falls


Early morning Nolan makes his coffee and does the house work once again. We know that we will be packing up to stay at a hotel his Mother Treasure has arranged for us to stay for the night. I told you she was a sweet lady. I get up and see a gorgeous glow coming from outside. It’s about 6:30am and I knew if I don’t get the shots of Nolan in the barley field all is lost. Up and adam I get out the door finding Nolan and tell him to ready his gear and let’s get some outfits together to bring out back to the field. We get some Rock n Rolll, some 70’s country punk and a couple hats.


Come on cats and dog the whole crew follows us out like a merry band of randoms off to shoot some photos in the early morning light. the Skies and tremendous and clouds scattered ever so painterly. After a few snaps of Nolan we get a funny shot of us attempting a jump photo again. Complete dorks we got a few good ones. Packing up I take one last photo of Nolan in front. As I am setting up this quick snap. i see blood spots on my camera. “ What the hell?!” I glance on my hands and there is a small knick on my pinky. Still couldn’t tell you where i got it but it through me off so I grab a few shots of the ever animated Nolan and we were being to head out. At Deseret Industries, I bought a backpack with a name on it, Garrett Corts and when i was packing up my camera equipment in there I found a pile of flash cards all in french. Garrett had perfect who ever had these had perfect handwriting and I was so happy to find this I feel that I scored. I not only bought a bag to haul my equipment but I just added a side story to my trip. That is a great part of this to get surprised and add that much to more to the adventure. All ready we load the truck and head out, swinging the large gate to lock it up. Goodbye you Rad Rock’n’Roll Ranch. It’s been fun.


We head straight for the Hotel Marriott in Downtown Idaho Falls. Now as Nolan tells me there are lots of Mormon’s and guys like us stick out. He with his goatee and Rock look and me with me “ Hey I’m only here to visit so take it or leave it outfit.” Nolan mentions there is a Farmer’s Market right in the are across the Snake River so we head over there. I miss that feeling going to see the local fare. We walk across the old metal framed bridge and take a few snaps. As soon as we come through the trees and we observe a new construction of a japnese kabuki gazebo begin built. Modern but I am puzzle what is this doing all the way in Idaho on the Snake river in the downtown area. Huh, we move and see the masses shopping and gazing for their fresh produce. I spot a few crafts and I take a cool photo of a water tower overlooking the outdoor market. A soon as ask I out my lens cap back on and wipe the sweat from my forehead hoping for a 1mph wind to hit me I look to my right and see GLUTEN FREE BAKING! Holy S___! The mother load. Mom’s Place @momsplacegf They pretty much have it all. From breadsm pasta spices and pancakes mixes. I can’t take it all home and it frustrates the hell out of me. Jan the owner and also as she says she does “ all of the above.” Greets me into her tent. I tell her how happy I am to be here and I am just visiting. I mention the blog and photography if I can photograph the products she said “ sure that;s cool go right ahead” As i begin to shoot trying see what they have she comes over with 3 samples. Carrot cake, Cinnamon Roll and a lemon bar. “ Uh, oh, Damn that’s good”, I make inappropriate sounds as I eat the bites. I wish i could hang out there all day and help put join the cult of #glutenfree baking company and living happily ever after. But I’m melting and I gotta eat. I didn’t want to scarf down a hot Cinnamon Roll in the hot sun so Nolan and I walk down and pop our heads into different spots along the way. At the other section across the street we hit up the other vendors. Mostly crafts and and few Food items. From the crosswalk I can see a line for Snow Cones. Ice cold treat. But there is no way I sitting in one place for a 5 min treat that will just fill a temporary hole of PLEASE COOL ME OFF! California melting in this weather! ALERT! ALERT! I can’t even stand my own sweat dripping. As I’m moving slower and slower I see and yes it’s a godsend. Chocolate Goat Milk. “ What?…what?…what?” I walk a bit faster and Say in my happier tone to a young girl in charge of the table I ask “ One chocolate goat milk please.” I am so happy I can almost taste it. The cool snap of the top and the guzzle and addict like need for this moment right now. “ Sorry we actually don’t have any more”. I must have had the most slummiest brown spirit look on my face. But I popped back and told her “ no worries but ugh I was looking forward to this,”  I get take a few snaps of her and the display product and information posted about Goat Milk vs Cow Milk and I instragram that of course. I want to share my new found knowledge of  the milk that comes from those cute little goats.


It’s almost 12 Noon and we promised to go photograph Nolan’s Mother on the lunch break for her business. We walk back across the bridge to the hotel and take off to Treasure's Formal Bridal and Tux. I say hello to the girls Natalie and Angelica again working like bees but making the brides to be happier and comfortable picking out their dresses. I set the shot up for the angle and backdrop I want for Treasure and the Staff to pose in. Tripod up and ready to go. His mother is busy with Customers and so are the girls. So we decide to go around the corner to Great Harvest Bread Cafe. As Nolan chats up the staff about what they sell and if they have gluten free for me. Well let’s just say I ordered an Ice Coffee. We walk around and see some shops and mosey around til we think to go back to his Mother’s Shop. I head back in and there she is the one and only Treasure “ Oh hi Robert” Big hugs and She is ready to shoot a couple shots. I take her up to the area and tell her what I was thinking about each person posed in the same spot with the main dress just to the right. We do a couple poses and get the mark right and the lighting set. Well sure enough they get a rush and i was waiting looking for some inspirations of portraiture. A few groups came through as I was setting up the camera and lights. “ So who’s getting married?” I try to break the silence as they were just sitting there and I am obviously the only man in the room. Awkward! The bride to be raises her hand and I congratulated her. Natalie brings the girls back to this cool runway area. where the group sits on couch and the brides to be get that almost fashion runway feel. Huge mirrors and great lighting to I’m sure make them feel like the star of the day.


I went back to the antique couch to grab my camera to see if I could make the best of my time and shoot the dresses that are set up around the shop. I walk over and photograph a few things and as I have a few flashes go off the girl comes out in the dress i don’t even look up and walk away. no way am I going to ruin this moment for her. I sat back by my bag and waited hoping to fit in the girls real quick but it didn’t happen. Nolan helping around the shop comes to get me knowing there is no way it is going to happen right now. Treasure unnecessarily apologies but she is busy and that is money. We set the time for 6pm and after they are closed so Nolan and I jet and head back for the hotel. I tell him I feel kind of melancholy and I don’t know why. After searching my mind I realize it’s the bridal shop. There I was single sitting on a couch alone with my thoughts, glimpsing at all these girls and families getting ready for their big day. I couldn’t help but feel that way and that’s ok. That means I still have the desire and I’m not dead yet. The pilot light of romance is still flickering. Nolan tells me how do I think he feels. His Mother owns a Bridal shop and yet here he is still the single Rocker. We both have a huge laugh at the irony and focus on getting a bite to eat. Could be just the starvation getting to us.


 The pilot light of romance is still flickering.


We grab some ribs from Famous Dave’s and we chow on the food. The food was not very famous at all but it was food at this point and I do make poor choices when I am starving. We waited too long to eat. After a 10 min vegging on the hotel TV. We decide to grab a swim and just chill until we have to leave to his Mom’s again. A few families were at the indoor pool and it was just nice to get cooled off as we stuck out sore thumbs as the RocknRoll energy of the last few days was all over us. I did a couple laps and sat in the Jacuzzi to fend of the stiff feeling in my lower back. Yes the trip is showing it’s funny side and making it known in my joints and energy level. I have been drinking more water to get close to a normal feeling to fend of there that Blah feeling. My back loosens up and we head up to chill for a bit and drive back to the Bridal Shop.  It’s 6pm and I am rested cooled off and in a better mindset to shoot. It all worked out for better with timing. I reset the tripod and lighting and it’s a go. Treasure and the girls line up and BOOM the image is rocking'. Treasure stands on her own with sublet confidence and BOOM another keeper. Natalie then Angelica are photographed and we do one more of them on the couch. “ Done ladies” I thank them and Natalie takes on last photo of Treasure and I on the antique couch. I thank her with a warm loving hug she made my good and talented buddy I'm a huge fan of his and this lady made him all those years ago. Nolan's Mother is very successful and has a couple more store fronts in Idaho. She is still working hard and it is paying off. I can’t wait to help them out and get these photos finished for their use. We both helped each other and it all worked out. I say goodbye and let them know I’ll get the images done soon as I’m done with the blog.

Nolan and I split and go to the hotel to be dudes and sit around. We don’t eat anything else as we both just passed out. A comfortable be and air condition. Thank you I will take the well deserved sleep now. Lights out.