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3rd day in Idaho

Jumpin' Nolan and Bug Spray

Today was to be a mellow day full of of beer and a small hike as well as some photo shoot opportunities for Nolan. I made some chard and some scrambled eggs with corn tortillas for us to have a big meal before heading out. Coffee in my borrowed Elvis cup again and some Goat’s milk to top it off. We grab some beer and I took my Bison jerky as well as my trusty Goji Berries for effect. We packed at up and headed out to a the Caribou National Forest. Nice to see sign with bullet holes in them from the locals and boaters who come out this way to ride the lake and river. Trucks and trailer scattered throughout the way in. Calmer and calmer it got as we left the highway. Lots of birds and old holding pens throughout the first part. We drove a bit more and we saw some cattle grazing on the grass. I readied my camera and I had a sense of a hunt. Slowly walking out of the truck and trying to capture the Cow in it’s natural habitat. I luckily avoid the cow patty next to the tire, point and photograph the majestic animals before me. “ Who in the hell are you?” I could imagine them thinking. “ City Slicker,” munch munch of the grass.

Up the road we find a clearing with a fire pit and a tiny bridge crossing the stream. The humidity has kicked in this morning and I brought pants and a hat that does not breathe. Crack open my #redbridge gluten free beer and Take a chair. We can only hear birds, the water running and the crunch of our feet on the loose gravel and dirt. I think we should go scout out some cool area to photograph Nolan we walk across the tiny bridge and head up a trail and just go for it. As we pass the small stream over mud and scattered rock. We almost immediately get the gangs, ‘squiters and What the hell is green bug nipping at our arms and neck and NOT THE FACE!. “ Ok that’s it” Nolan calls out from ahead. We need to get some repellant.”  We are convulsing and slap happy for this bug infestation. Our steps get quicker  as we easily find the way come in, quick step quick step we make and go army on our bodies with this repellant. the bugs stay away I point at them. “ Ha ha suckers”< slap slap. A couple more sprays and finite no more bugs bugging us. Beer, jerky and trail mix snack Nolan and I head over to another area and I see the pictures spot. tall free with river in background. If I had an assistant I would scream “Hey you get the equipment” as I frame out my attack of the impending photograph I am about to take. We joyfully mess around get some great jumping shots of nolan and a few of us posing for memory sake.

A small family with motorbikes cruise by as we wave hi they do as well almost forgetting to hold on to their handles. So it was more of a quick. Hel__. oh man my bike. We got a laugh out of that. Heading back we happen on upon the cow again now there are more. I tell Nolan to head out to the green pasture and get the guitar for shots. Well Nolan happily obliges and as he walks they start to walk away. “ Jump Nolan Jump” So there he is jumping over and over again. I take multiple photos and get some genuine moments captured. He returns panting and we laugh our way back home. 

Back at the Ranch…..

I tell Nolan to get some clothes out to get some portrait work done. We can use for his promo material. We do a few shots with my ring light and grab some winners. After that I tell him to go crazier and hue not only finds the funniest get up but he works it as well. A character Nolan cane but a pro. There he is in the living room with a big fur hat and some glass like John Goodman wore in The Big Lebowski. Pop Pop work it. He grabs his guitar and I switch to my iPhone. Social media twitter-gram time. A few licks of the guitar and I get all the tags fore companies he is using. We get some favorites from this of course from the companies.

We prepare some Buffalo Tacos with Chard and Spicy salsa and the night is over. Banging day with Nolan the man. Great photos should make for some great samples for him to use and myself to get some work.