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4th day in Texas

'I love you so much' Austin


Waking up rested we have plans to go to Barton Springs in Austin. From what I could gather it was a river with springs where people gather and hang out swimming. I had no idea but first Evelyn and I decide to grab this complimentary breakfast we were offered at check in. I get a good quick workout to get ready for a good meal. Mmmm mmm mmm. Beautiful Day out, not too humid and ready for action. We enter the opened door cafe with a giant Fireplace. This place looks very big and beautiful. There are couples, making goo goo eyes over their toast and what I can make out, yogurt and cereal. Hmmmm I start to get that gut feeling. At the bar they converted it to warmers for hot food and to the side fruit and cereal and coffee. We open up the lids, Sausage, biscuits and potatoes. “ Do you have any eggs?”, Evelyn asks. “ NO’ is our gift of a response from the kitchen staff. “ Oh ok thank you” we both say eyes bugging how funny that was. “ Poking around more for nourishment “ Pardon me do you have any honey?” “ NO” again we get. We both chuckle “ NO”. So I give it another go. “ do you have any gluten free bread?” “ NO”, “ we laugh again, So the rest of the time we start making up questions to ourselves. “ Do you have any ketchup?, NO,” we say. “ Do you have any coffee, NO, do you have any this or that, NO” it was a riot so early in the morning. Funny thing is they had eggs. the hard boiled cold kind. You know, where it takes 5 minutes to peel one egg, half of it on the plate. dry and cold this was totally not my deal. what did I do? I took some cool photos on the patio of the cafe as we talked and decided on our day.


Asking my friend Annette for some ideas she recommended Hillside FARMACY. Evelyn heard of it from other of friends so we had a good feeling about it. And it wasn’t very far. Grabbing my gear and my desire to eat good food and photograph it we took off. Starving at this point we arrive and park at this cool area and FARMACY sticks right out. Old timey on the inside and out. You can’t help but be taking back as you walk it. Big shelves and metal. A tile counter with “FARMACY” spelled out. As wer were seated I read the menu and Evy and I could not stop goggling over it. My smile grew, my eyes popped and my tummy nudged me “ Dude, you just hit the jackpot.”

I ordered  The Forager Sandwich with baby bellas, basil, melted brie, arugula, truffle on Gluten Bread from a local baker, Easy Tiger. @EasyTigerATX  We also ordered The Beets plate with fennel, red onio, orange, mint and radish. I had to get the trio cheese plate with Goat and Sheep selections. And to top it of they gave us GF bread bites to spread. Score!

Evelyn ordered the Brulée Grapefruit and this was one sexy Grapefruit you know I had to photograph it. If you are ever bored with your morning Grapefruit Brulée it! Laughing and enjoying ourselves every time a new plate came up I was inspired to grab it and pose it on the tile table with the cool backdrop of the restaurant and shelving. Could not resist. I ordered a Egg cream but with Vodka as it was recommended by our waitress. Not as bubbly as I though it would be but it turned out to be a big grown up chocolate drink which I loved anyways.

We grabbed a Iced coffee to wake us up and cool us off at Jo’s coffee house in the South Congress neighborhood. Where there is a graffiti on the side of the building. “ I LOVE YOU SO MUCH “Pretty famous that it is just a spray can writing but it gives people so much joy to take a photo in front of it. Not knowing why we looked it up. It was from the owners Ex Gal who when she was having bad day or in a mood tagged the side of it. She kept it even thought they are no longer together but now it is a real drive for the box and almost very one leaves smiling after seeing it. Wandering around from shop to shop we pop in to this very cool Mexican Folk Art Store. The Turqouise Door in South Congress. Pretty unique considering I live in the Mission District and what they have here blows San Francisco away. Focusing on families that continue the craft from on down through the generations one in Particular is the Linares Family. This being one of only a few places that sell the works from Mexico City. I am honored to have seen this work, Wish I had the cash to purchase it.

After taking some photos and cooling off we headed out for Barton Springs. Grabbing a couple things from Target like towels and sunscreen we made it and there was a huge line. We were thrown how many people were there. Families and some jocks and rock n roll couples. All welcomed. We finally got in and it was very affordable. $4 ea for both of us. for such a cool spot I considered myself lucky. Picked a spot on a slanted green we both jumped in to the springs. Brrrrrr! Our eyes were wide open. Esssh that felt good but damn that is chilly. Enjoying the fact that we get to cool off for once we swam and enjoyed the scene.

A did a couple long laps and this out of shape body was invigorated. Finally in a state of relaxation I passed out with some dry spray suntan lotion. the last time I tanned I can’t even remember. But it felt great to just lay down and do nothing but soak it up. The trip has been taking it’s toll but worth it.

Munching on Goji Berries and Water. We rested til the last very minute before we had to leave. Evy says she could have used another day but I knew we had to get back and i had to take off to Idaho to see my buddy Nolan. 3 hours on the road full of Pandora app on her car listening to Bauhaus, Peter Murphy and some of Jonsi set the mode right. both beat and knew as soon as we got home it was meal and packing time. My flight was at 6am and I needed to be ready. Little did I know that this was going to be a difficult travel day. Thank you Texas I had no idea.