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2nd Day in Texas

Vegan Gold Mine and Denton


After a long 4th of July evening we are up early and Breakfast and is on everyone’s mind. Gluten Free something and I want to be blown away. I get picky but as Evy says Texas will deliver. We head to Seven Mile Cafe in Highland Village. #sevenmilecafe Started by some people from Calfiornia if you can believe that. It happens to be a Vegan Cafe with a great staff and nice set up inside. Young girl putting on Vegan icing on the Cinnamon buns and The barista’s making some serious coffee while the chefs bang out on time the great food we are about to eat.

I ordered a Decaf Almond Milk Cappuccino. After Eveyln hears that she gives up on the idea of tea. But we don’t go totally coffee heads we both order the Beet cold pressed juiced they serve. Apple pear ginger and Beets. We both take it down totally refreshed. After the girls know what they want on their coloring book menu’s we also order. I get a #glutenfree Cinnamon Bun with Vegan Frosting Pancakes with Pecans. 2 poached eggs, 1 bacon and Hah browns. I help Naomi cut her pancakes so she can eat them and Ava and Evy both eat a delicious Cinnamon bun plus their order. What a meal. I ate so much but guess what, I did not feel full. I took a few photos and we are off to Denton. Evy wants to show this town with a cool main street and a nice downtown scene. 

As we arrive we grab the hands of the girls and walk across the street to the bookstore. The first thing I see is a La Dolce vita poster in front.I knew this place is already cool. We pop around and I see rows off books all artsy and ready to browse. “ Hey Bob over here”m they girls scream out lightly. they pose silly and I snap a shot of them down the Vinyl Record aisle. “ Can we go with you”, the ask, “ Sure,” I say, “ Let’s go upstairs.” Evelyn finds us poking around and they sit on the ground looking at books. I wander upstairs and see Automatically a whole good row of books from Anais Nin, and Mark Twain. I want to buy something but I know I have ti travel more. and no way do I need anymore books right now. I’m inspired and I take a good enough photo to remember.

Evy takes her girls to see the children section and read to them and I mysteriously find the Photobook section. I don’t think about it but here I am, a side room all it’s own. I pull and shove, open and glance. I am getting some ideas if I should do a book or try to get it published. Ideas rush in my head out here in Denton, Texas. Hmmm I want to experience all I can post it and try to get some more work but what if I can transcend and get it published. Dreams noted and off I go to my next thought, travel writing. I try to see some books that reach out but after a slight minute or two I see the  “……..” who wrote Eat, Pray, Love as she edited a book about best Traveling writings for 2013.  Should I read or buy and see how it’s done. I read the first paragraph of each and they all seem similar. Hmm That’s enough. not going to ruin what I have going  and be pure about it. I might need some help on the other end but now way do I need to alter and lose it.

We must have been in the bookstore a good 30min before we booked. Next stop a Pawn shop. Evy wants to get a guitar so we pop in. GUNS but not only gun guns, Rambo level type artillery. Ok it’s a pawn shop. but this is Texas. Guitars and Guns plus some tools. I had to take some photos. Being not sure if they want a guitar after playing a couple we decide on Ice Cream. I am not a fan of cow milk if I can avoid it but this place looks like the real deal. Ava and I taste a few and she picks Watermelon with Chocolate chip. I go for one of my favs. Root Beer float and it was pretty dam good but my ice cream went invisible by the time I sat down. I double takes and spooned the bottom but no go it was enveloped by the Root Beer. At this point I don’t get to it while I drink I just go ahead and drink. So hot I don’t even bother. Slurp and gone.

Walking around the corner we spot a candy Store Atomic Candy #atomiccandy. They girls chant “ Candy, Candy” we walk in 'ding ding' and it’s literally candy floor to ceiling. A few snaps of the giant vintage character my eye wanders looking for interesting shots and a piece of history stares right in the eye. My clown toy box form when I was a kid was right on the shelf i look up and memories come shooting back. It’s in perfect condition. Big colorful and and oh what a time that was, all my toys put away in that silly thing. Texting my mother I ask her what happened to it. “ It was stolen along with your toys and furniture.” Shame, that sucks. Looking online an old boss of mine finds it on #ebay for $250. Nah, don’t need it that bad. This tiny tickle of childhood was good enough.

Hot and hotter we walk around and decide to head home. Kids take a nap and so does Evelyn. I just start to write and later her and I go out to Deep Ellum of dinner. We end up at Deep Sushi and I have a sake-tini, make that a double. We order the Tuna tower and other delightful bites as we sit outside in the patio catching up on life until this day. We walk around and end up at The Freeman bar. A great band was playing #codyjasper and they rocked it. I have a tequila and ice and we watch the band on the small front stage belt out some tunes. After we are done we decide to meet up with one of Evy’s friends and this place looks like your uncle’s backyard party but put together. I have a Tequila Moscow and I sit at the outside bar waiting for Evy and her friend to come out. There is a happening DJ who is probably in his late 50’s or early 60’s, beard and all jamming and getting down to the music from the laptop he is platting. I am blown away how cool this cat is. Evy and her friend emerge and we sit out on benches and chop it up with some drinks and some conversation. After this I am done-dito. Next day we head to Austin, Texas.