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3rd day in Texas

Austin Time

Today we head to Austin, Texas and i have hangover the size of Texas. The worst I have ever felt. On a day like this you are supposed to lay around, watch movies, eat and sleep. Nope not today. We need to get ready to drive 3 hours to Austin, after a couple hours of getting my head straight I am up to the task, I pack and we are off. Google helps use avoid a few jams. and as we see one accident it is a big rig that has been curt in half and apple juice bottles are all over the highway. The reality of the danger of driving is front of mind now.


We stop in Waco,TX for a bite from #smashburger and I am so ready to eat a burger with #glutenfree buns from #udis not the best bread but damn good when a burger is in play. Back on the road we finally arrive to austin Texas and check into Lone Star Court, A really polished down home place to rest your head. shiny floors, metal frame beds and a cool old fridge wet bar for the cute tiny liquor bottles in case you wanna binge drink shots and clean out your bank account all in one go. But as you can already tell we take a nap as we have to go meet my friend Annette in town who has been living here for the last 3-4 years. A quick work out to get the blood and joints going we get ready and power out of the hotel.


I haven’t seen Annette for 7 years we drive over about 20 min and check out her house. Park and my eyes scan. There is she " Roberto! ” There she is all smiles and so happy to see her. A good friend long overdue friend hug and we go inside to get ready to leave for a walk along the new boardwalk they just finished building in Austin. All the girls had tights on and well me I dressed as any tourist would dress not knowing how it would be. Pants and Jean Levi’s metal button down shirt. Bad idea. It was good to catch up and Evelyn and Annette got along famously. I myself would stay in the back for photos and to catch my breath and fight the sticky humidity. Each had a water and all the other locals the same. The metal and cement walkway was gorgeous to photograph. Families and couples alike enjoying this new addition to the popular and edgy city I have long heard about.


Half stripped down naked we end up back at the cars and head out to a TEX MEX place Annette mentioned Guero’s Taco Bar. We ordered a few Margarita’d and some Queso’s which I come to realize is really good Superbowl melted cheese bowl. I am busy photographing as the girls take down the queso and the one tiny scoop of Avocado/guac mound. I order the special seafood plate after searching for something unique I can’t get back home in the mission district. I got a Pescado fresco Plato a la Veracruzano, red snapper with olives, onions and jalapeños.  It was decent and lots of flavor. i wish there was more fish undrenched. I wanted to love but it was food at this point. After dinner we try to scare up and idea to go out. The town is dead and it is a Sunday night in Austin. We hit a few places and they are closed at 9pm. We google the heck out of the town and I come up with the MOHAWK. This turns out to be a great place to go. I am of course tired and sort of Eh. ok let’s do it. But the music rocks and the 2 bands we saw blew our minds. the stage presence and the energetic performance. Criminal Hygiene @crmnlhygne bounce bantered and laughed the whole time. Reminded me of nights with a friend of mine in SF now moved to Oregon. Just stupid silly humor for no reason but to do it.


Another bad Drink I decide to get a photobooth to mark the occasion and the next band sets up. Eveyln is all attention at this point. she tells me  she loves the music after being skeptical at first but she is now all instagram posting and I for comedy sake am fading fast. So fast that I hang on the bands equipment container and as I try to bounce and go “ yeah. woooo, yeah” I am looking and my eyes close for a split second and my body goes lip for half od the split second. I catch myself like a freshman in a social studies lecture. “ what what. yeah I’m awake ” type fashion.


“ Evelyn I am ready to go Cuz”, I pull on her jacket. We bounce to the hotel to fight another day.