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Long overdue

4 States of Fotos

On the 25th of June 2014, I will set out to make up for lost time. I plan to travel via @united United Airlines to 4 states visiting friends and family. Photographing, blogging and posting to my @nstagram  #rdksf. My best friend who was so special to me and many others passed away Dec 20th 2013. Ewan R. Fisher and I met in San Francisco at the Academy of Art in 1994. We became roommates and soon after lived and 'really' lived it up in Los Angeles. Long story short we went through many chapters together and I truly miss him. He stayed in Burbank ( Dirtbank as he called it) and I moved back to San Francisco. I visited a few times to much fanfare of friends and Ewan was always there Scotch, neat with one ice cube and cigarette in hand taking care of the bill. He loved to do that.

As I worked more and more, never able to take vacation time, money was always tight. I never could visit as often as I liked. As he grew sick I moved to Chicago and it got harder then to come and see him but we would text and talk on phone always supporting each other no matter what. I always regretted not visiting enough and a few months before he passed he offered to buy me a ticket to hang out. I felt horrible but I took the chance to see him and hang out. More sick and immobile I cherished the last few days with him in person. Even when I was laid off a couple days before he passed. He said " Let me know how I can help " Even in his sick state he, Ewan Robert Fisher, wanted to help me.

When I got laid off I had more than enough vacation time pay and told him I am can come down again to see him. Soon after that I got a call from his sister. He was gone. Crushed and still trying to find a job. I got a freelance gig and the idea came to me. I have the money and time now. I can see all those who wanted me to visit. So here I am ready to take this leap and go for it.


1st Stop, Kansas City, Missouri: Brad

Visiting my friend who also knew Ewan will be my first stop. Smoking Trout,  Jazz and some art Festival to photograph I will be soaking it in observing my BBQ master friend at work.


2nd Stop, Mechanicsburg, Ohio: Karns Family, Aunt Carla's Garlic Farm, JC Growers

I cherish seeing the Karns side of the family.  We are from the same planet and I feel welcomed always. I plan to photograph the process of harvesting the garlic, helping out at the Famer's Market and rebranding the JC growers, logo and labeling. I will of course be shooting food and Portraits to help out the family business.


3rd Stop, Dallas, Texas: Cousin Evelyn

I have yet to visit here and never had the time but too many promises. Now is the time. We always have fun together. We both feel a kinship with San Francisco and the Mission District, Pre-hipster. Her daughters Ava and Naomi will be there and I hope to shoot their portraits as well as shooting the people of Texas for 4th of July festivities. We hope to visit Austin, TX and I look forward to seeing the queen of Gluten Free Baking Karen Morgan of #blackbirdbakery @blackbirdbakes. Also one of my best gal pals Annette lives there with her husband Aaron and son. Camera in hand I want to record all of this. The GF baked goods and various Texan treats.


Final stop, Idaho Falls, Idaho: Nolan

This will be the stop of all stops. Seeing my buddy Nolan. #nolanreedthomas Singer songwriter and life liver. He is a genius and truly an undiscovered talent. Everywhere he goes there is a guitar, skateboard and a giant laugh that will light up a room. My stop here with him will be filled with adventure and challenges. Learn to ride a motorcycle, shoot a gun, hike and camp in Yellowstone Park and after that meet the people of Idaho. Hopefully getting some portraits. If we can get him a gig at a bar or outdoor market I will be photographing that as well. We have an idea to throw a big bonfire and invite some local friends. I think this will tie up my trip in the most perfect way.  

Tomorrow is my last day at freelance gig and the planning and packing for my trip begins. This is inspired by my friend Ewan who I never got to see as much as I could. He will be with me on this adventure and never forgotten. I look forward to this trip and posting all that I encounter. Hoping to capture it all in a delicious and interesting way. 

RDK is on his way,

Robert D. Karns